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Marcie Fraser

Marcie Fraser

Corporate Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author

Corporate Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author. Marcie Fraser brings humor and down-to-earth advice on how to get back in touch with your body, ditch the diets and lose weight for life!

As a journalist and TV reporter from upstate New York, Marcie Fraser, has dedicated her career to health and medical writing, with great emphasis on topics that reach out to women who battle the bulge. In her no-nonsense way, her Take5 blogs and videos deliver advice to many of the ePersonality types (doing Everything for Everybody) to get their health priorities in place so one can lead a more fulfilling life.

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Marcie Fraser

  Marcie Fraser: A Pound of Fat is a big Deal!
If weight loss is a continual challenge, be encouraged by losing just a pound of fat! Marcie Fraser shares how to identify YOUR weight loss style so you can Stay Strong and Keep Motivated!

  Marcie Fraser: Can I drink alcohol and still lose weight?
While drinking a beer with dinner may seem innocent, the additional calories of just one beer, can be a problem. If you are trying to lose weight...

  Marcie Fraser: How do women connect sexually if they are not feeling sexy?
Most women relate intimately on an emotional level and if a woman is not feeling good about her body, the mind takes over and no one is happy.

  Marcie Fraser: I do Everything for Everybody else and I never seem to take care of me!
I believe that because women have a womb, we are mandated to be able to do five things at once. Men? Well, I will just say the word; MONO-thought; one thing at a time.

  Marcie Fraser: I have not eaten a morsel
How can it be???? I have not eaten a morsel more of extra food and I am gaining weight! Life Stinks!

  Marcie Fraser: I Hide Food and Binge when I am Alone
Managing how to reduce binges means learning behavioral eating techniques that will force you to look at your eating patterns. What does a binge do for us?

  Marcie Fraser: It is OK to eat Junk Food
Whew! Thank Goodness! But find out how to not binge on these foods when you are at home. Marcie Fraser shows how you can have those treats and enjoy them guilt-free!

  Marcie Fraser: My kid is fat but I don’t have time to cook. Any good choices when it comes to eating out?
If you are too busy to shop and cook healthy meals for your kid, be prepared to battle. Dining out, albeit a fast food chain or fancy restaurant, can be a war zone for slim waist lines.

  Marcie Fraser: Why do we fail at diets?
We fail because we are creatures of habit. Eventually we screw up, overeat and fail at the diet we’ve been on. New patterns take fortitude and consistency, but how do we start?

  Marcie Fraser: Why do we fail to stick to our programs?
Most of us like immediate results. Most rewards, like a downward shift on the scale, takes weeks. So stop weighing yourself every morning and night and ...