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This Take5Moment is being shared with you as it is one of the many inspiring and reflective messages we come across every day. We all connect over this elusive internet medium and we are glad to be able to bring you a little touch of joy, laughter, sentiments and thought-provoking ideas into your day!


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Guest Presenter

  Guest Presenter: Are you a Helicopter Parent?
Helicopter parents are those who hover over their children, swooping in to fight their battles and make their decisions for them. ... this may prevent their children from gaining experience in handling life’s challenges.

  Guest Presenter: Dad, I am Watching You!
From the mouths of babes come great wisdom. We teach our children how to live, whether we know it or not. Listen up... Moms and Dads!

  Guest Presenter: Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul
We have a dream inside ourselves, a gift to us at birth. To guide us and protect us on our journey on this earth. So dream your dream and live your dream, don’t be afraid to try...

  Guest Presenter: Healing Bowls reduce Cancer Anxiety
Learn how modern medicine works with complementary practices to decrease the anxiety and fear of living with cancer.

  Guest Presenter: Love Knows no Limits & True Friendships last a lifetime
Get the Kleenex out! True story of Christian, the Lion. If you are estranged from anyone, or distance and time has separated you from someone you love. Be encouraged - love knows no limits.

  Guest Presenter: Slow down the pace of your life with Tai Chi
No, this is not a video running in slow motion. Notice how slow the presenter in this Short Tai Chi Form is moving compared to the other people around him.

  Guest Presenter: Surfing Dogs Take5
Good Livin is just not for people! Take a break from your day to shift your mood with these fun-lovin surfing dogs hanging ten (err, twenty) in the ocean waters of San Diego, California.

  Guest Presenter: To All People Around the World
Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!

  Guest Presenter: What Foods Help What Parts of your Body
Nature's pharmacy is amazing! Learn how certain foods have the characteristics of the exact part of the body they nourish. You will be amazed!