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Frank Hooks

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Frank is a professional mechanical engineer, general contractor and HVAC/R contractor in the state of California. Frank is a graduate of University of California at San Diego with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Frank is president and CEO of Systems Operation Services specializing in mechanical engineering and contracting throughout southern California building industry. However, his biggest vocation is husband and father.

Frank is adding bloggist to his resume, so that he may share thoughts and musing of marriage and fatherhood with you. No expertise is offered or implied.

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Frank Hooks

  Frank Hooks: Death to the Goodie Bag
For anyone who has had the " joy" of creating a goodie bag for their kids' birthday parties - Find out how this Dad Blogger thinks this crazy tradition started.

  Frank Hooks: Hey Boo Boo! It's Yogi Dad!
I told a friend of mine about me trying yoga. He jokingly told me that my wife had finally sucked the last bit of manliness out of me. Funny. Why can't a man do yoga? I did.

  Frank Hooks: Kids need Downtime Too!
There is never any down time. There is no time to try something different. There is only the pressure to perform. There is one flaw in everyone's thinking....