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Judy Martin

Judy Martin

Broadcast journalist, Speaker

Judy Martin is an Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist, speaker and work/life pundit who offers a fresh voice on the emerging trends in our new economy. As an executive media coach, Judy works with individuals to align their core values with their business message, navigate information and cultivate resilience.

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Judy Martin

  Judy Martin: Create the Work You Love
Work should make you feel exalted and satisfied and is an organic evolution of our being. The Job for Life is long gone. Are you ready to discover a new way of work?

  Judy Martin: Redefining your career, business or personal success in a chaotic world
Thriving is no longer just associated with the pinnacle of financial success, it’s the ability to progress or evolve in other ways.

  Judy Martin: What is a Work Life Nation?
We’re more connected, and our workplace is evolving, entrepreneurs abound and many work from home. Be it baby boomer, Gen X or Gen Y, many thirst for more meaningful work, but demand more family and me time. The lines have blurred in the quest for success, serenity and significance in our worklife.