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Debbie Barnett

Debbie Barnett

Yoga Teacher and Author

Debbie has been practicing yoga since 1979, before there were yoga studios on every corner. She became a certified instructor in 2001. That same year she founded Conscious Flow, Inc., a professional and personal develoment company. Debbie helps business leaders and their families find peace and clarity in their lives by applying yoga’s principles to every day problems. Her mission: Healing the world through yoga, one breath at a time.

For more information: Conscious Flow, Inc.

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Debbie Barnett

  Debbie Barnett: Balance your Brain with your Breath
The Left nostril is tied to the right (analytical) side of your brain, and the Right nostril to the left (creative) side. One is often more dominant than the other depending on what you are doing/feeling. Alternate Nostril Breathing brings your brain into balance. Try it...it works!

  Debbie Barnett: Mandala Coloring to Spark your Creative Energy
If you are stumped on a creative project, or just need to infuse some out-of-the-box thinking... kickstart your creativity and get out your crayons or colored markers!

  Debbie Barnett: Relax with Silent Chanting
When was the last time you hummed? Truly, humming sets off a vibration that is calming and relaxing. Close your eyes and try these different sounds, either audibly or silently, to shift your mood.

  Debbie Barnett: Walking Meditation Anywhere You Are
Is it hard to make time to just get out and walk? Too cold, no space, no companion, no interest? When you are feeling overwhelmed, sluggish or grumpy ... you need a change of scenery! Get up and Walk it out!