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Stephanie Zito

Stephanie Zito

Wellness Consultant & Yoga Instructor

Stephanie is a Wellness Consultant specializing in yoga and hoopdance. She is an explorer of experiences that better help oneself connect to the wisdom of the body and to others in authentic ways.
Stephanie has found centeredness and radiance in movement through out her life - from trekking the Himalayas, completing triathalons, climbing, climbing, climbing all over the states, dancing, surfing, studying yoga, and ... hoopdance.

Stephanie danced professionally in high school and college. Then came the Peace Corps in Uganda, travels to India and elsewhere, studies of yoga and simply being and connecting with others.

In graduate school, she found the world of somatics through the study of conflict resolution.... Through somatic work, she helps people to identify and release emotions, to get unstuck from unhealthy patterns and to re-pattern ones that serve us. Build peace from the inside and it will radiate to those around us, nourishing our relationships and how we treat the environment.

Her mission is to help people in find their passions and to form authentic connections with one another.

For more information: Hoopify

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Stephanie Zito

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