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Christa’s holistic health practice includes individual, group and corporate coaching in-person and by phone and video conferencing. Her comprehensive programs are designed to help people live healthier, happier and more energetic lives through whole food nutrition, supplementation and healthy lifestyle guidance. Christa’s programs are uniquely tailored to each individual or corporate client to holistically heal common chronic health concerns including fatigue, weight control and digestive issues.

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Whole Journey Wellness

Whole Journey Wellness is about experiencing life with all the brilliance and vibrancy you were born with: an energetic body, a peaceful and clear mind and a confident self-image. Our mission is to provide natural resources unique to each client: from healing whole foods meal planning and supplementation to stress reduction and self-care techniques. Whole Journey Wellness encompasses more than the food that we eat. It also involves understanding things that feed us in non-caloric ways, like exercise, key relationships, lifestyle balance and career satisfaction.

Whole Journey Wellness provides counseling for the following health concerns:

  • Cravings: Deconstruct them, then eliminate them
  • Weight Loss: Find your natural weight with ease and grace
  • Digestion: Achieve optimal function for maximum nutrient absorption and improved elimination.
  • Emotional Eating: Healing the habit by learning new ways to nourish yourself
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Hormonal Health: Balancing cortisol and adrenaline for lower stress living. Learn also what it takes for easy and pain-free monthly periods
  • Detoxification: Cleanse toxins from the body seasonally for a whole body tune up

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  • 7 Tips for a Healthy Fall & Winter

    Fall is officially here, and it's time to think about making changes in our diet and lifestyle to keep pace with the season. Part of that is bolstering our immune system. There are so many simple ways to boost immunity so that we won't get sick as fall moves blends into winter.

    Try even a few of these tips to increase your ability to stay balanced, healthy and happy throughout the season.

    1. Let supplements give you a boost! It's a good idea to tune-up your supplement plan when the seasons change. Quality supplements can be your best defense. Try Vitamin C crystals along with a Green Food Complex, odorless garlic and EFA's like Cod Liver Oil. Try even one of these and you will be guaranteed to head into the season fortified.

    2. Keep the sweetness, reduce the sugar. If you do only one thing to boost your immune system, reduce "the white stuff". You will see drastic results in your energy levels, weight, mood and immunity when you eat less refined sugar. Keep the sweetness with healthier alternatives such as agave nectar, stevia, or honey.

    3. Fruits and veggies, especially mushrooms! The nutritional content that you receive from raw fruits and veggies is unparalleled. Dark-colored produce (berries, kale, broccoli) tends to have the most immune-boosting nutrients. Also, shiitake and maitake mushrooms increase the body's production of white blood cells, which are part of the immune system.

    4. Get Spicy! Cooking with spices enhances digestion by making nutrients more easily available to the body. Different spices also have specific immune-boosting properties. Tumeric has an immune-modulating effect because it is detoxifying. Cumin enhances digestion and black pepper increases vigor by reaching deeper tissues. Try the Immunity Spice Mixture below!

    5. Limit caffeine. As enticing as that cup of joe sounds in the morning, caffeine robs your body of minerals and vitamins, while also dehydrating you. If you do drink coffee, make sure you add additional water per cup of coffee. Adequate water will reduce headaches, cravings and fatigue.

    6. Connect with Movement. Exercise improves health and happiness by releasing endorphins. Find a movement that inspires you and you are halfway there.

    7. Nurture yourself. Today's world is frenetic so make sure you take time for yourself, doing whatever recharges you because this kind of thing feeds you better than any food. Our bodies respond to our emotions - if you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious, it can manifest as a sore throat or a cold. Create a space within yourself and your living environment for harmony, self-love and joy. When you're happy, you're far less likely to get sick.

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