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Reggie Adams

Reggie Adams

Life Coach, Immersion Coaching, Healing Touch Practitioner

Reggie Adams began her career in sales in 1989 with a company some of you may have heard of, Mary Kay Cosmetics. This is where Reggie got her start recruiting, training, motivating and promoting people of all ages and from many cultures. Through her hard work and consistency, Reggie achieved one of the highest positions in the field, that of a Mary Kay Car Driving Sales Director.

Reggie, or, Rockin Reggie, is a life coach and works one-on-one with individuals assisting them in creating the life they had always dreamed of. She recently earned her "Life Coach" certification from The Coaches Training Institute, and is extremely excited about her newest coaching program "Immersion Weekends" where she can provide her clients with a more complete and powerful coaching experience.

Reggie is currently a level three Healing Touch Practitioner as well. She feels privileged to be able to work with clients in this personal and meaningful way for a beautiful experience in healing, balance, peace and wholeness. This body work enhances the heart and head work that Reggie uses with her clients.

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How come we get a headache after we eat sugar?

The three areas of our lives we need to keep in reign are the Heart, the Head and the Body. The Body is the biggest of the three and just as tough to keep under reign as the Head. Again, we need our body and all the amazing wisdom that it provides us. Are we paying attention to what it is telling us?

Example: How come I get a headache after I eat sugar?
My body is trying to tell me something with the headache---that's wisdom! Will I listen and stop eating sugar? Why would I want to endure headaches? The wisdom is only helpful if we'll listen and act on it.

There are other more subtle messages of wisdom from our body that are harder to understand and manage. The urges that cause us to do things we didn't want to do, whether it was conscious or unconscious. These things may or may not fall under the category of addiction. Our body is in control when the urges win over our heart and our head.

Ideally, we want our heart to be telling our head "what" to do. Our head to be telling our body "how" to do it and our body to "do" it.

Most of the time when the body is managed, the rest of our life flows much more easily.

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