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Dr. Jay Warren

Dr. Jay Warren

Licensed Wellness Chiropractor

Dr. Jay Warren is a Wellness Chiropractor in San Diego, CA. His wish for everyone he works with is for them to have a greater ability to ease elegantly through the challenges of life. Dr. Jay’s office is a Creating Wellness Center which incorporates a custom designed lifestyle modification program for his patients as well as state-of-the-art chiropractic care. He is the creator of “Healing from Within” – guided visualizations that teach people how to tap into the powerful self-healing abilities in all of us.

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Warren Family Chiropractic

Warren Family Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center now not only provides our community with excellence in chiropractic care, but offers the Creating Wellness System which powerfully addresses the 3 dimensions of stress: Physical, Bio-chemical & Psychological.

  • Are you exercising enough, too much?
  • Are you getting enough water, eating too much processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables or are your current diet habits supporting your health?
  • Are you disorganized - in you home life, work, or finances?
  • Do you enjoy healthy relationships?
  • Do you have and use tools to minimize stress in your life?

  • These are all factors that we assess and you'll receive a detailed report on all of the information received upon completing the Creating Wellness Assessment. From this information, you will then know which lifestyle habits you should continue with and which ones spending time and effort on improving will help you take your health and wellness to the next level.

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    Top 10 Tips for Getting and Staying Healthy

    Check out these Top 10 Tips for getting and
    staying healthy:

      1. Eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up - your body's been fasting all night long so fuel your body to start your day right.

      2. Add chlorophyll to your drinking water - it helps to alkalinize your body which protects it oxygenates your system more efficiently.

      3. Use a "greens drink" you like and drink one everyday with your breakfast. Also helps to alkalinize and it adds lots of plant nutrients that most of us don't get from our daily diet.

      4. Go "Stone Age" with your eating - the Paleolithic diet keeps to lean meats and tons of vegetables as your carbs. It worked for our ancestors, maybe we should get back to it too.

      5. Cut the "whites" out of your diet…the white sugar, white flour, white rice, milk, etc.

      6. Stretch your body everyday for 10 minutes. Try these stretches right now at your desk.

      7. Move your body-exercise everyday for 30minutes - minimum 3x/week

      8. Spend a few minutes each morning writing down at least 10 things you're grateful for that you have in your life right now - starting off the day in gratitude is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

      9. Make a list of all the things that you're wasting energy on trying to remember that you have to do and complete 1 or more each day.

      10. Stop watching the news – you don’t need the negativity. If anything important happens, someone will tell you about it.

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