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Christa Orecchio


Christa’s holistic health practice includes individual, group and corporate coaching in-person and by phone and video conferencing. Her comprehensive programs are designed to help people live healthier, happier and more energetic lives through whole food nutrition, supplementation and healthy lifestyle guidance. Christa’s programs are uniquely tailored to each individual or corporate client to holistically heal common chronic health concerns including fatigue, weight control and digestive issues.

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Whole Journey Wellness

Whole Journey Wellness is about experiencing life with all the brilliance and vibrancy you were born with: an energetic body, a peaceful and clear mind and a confident self-image. Our mission is to provide natural resources unique to each client: from healing whole foods meal planning and supplementation to stress reduction and self-care techniques. Whole Journey Wellness encompasses more than the food that we eat. It also involves understanding things that feed us in non-caloric ways, like exercise, key relationships, lifestyle balance and career satisfaction.

Whole Journey Wellness provides counseling for the following health concerns:

  • Cravings: Deconstruct them, then eliminate them
  • Weight Loss: Find your natural weight with ease and grace
  • Digestion: Achieve optimal function for maximum nutrient absorption and improved elimination.
  • Emotional Eating: Healing the habit by learning new ways to nourish yourself
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Hormonal Health: Balancing cortisol and adrenaline for lower stress living. Learn also what it takes for easy and pain-free monthly periods
  • Detoxification: Cleanse toxins from the body seasonally for a whole body tune up

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  • 100 Weight Loss Secrets it Took Me Years to Learn!


    • Explore an array of vegetables and find out what you love
    • Eat organic - it’s higher quality and more nutritious
    • Rest before you reach the point of crashing
    • Move your body in ways you enjoy
    • Consistently diversify the foods you eat
    • Befriend your body; pay attention to and understand its signals
    • Get a really good health coach who inspires you
    • Find a creative outlet that inspires you
    • Eat plenty of green vegetables
    • Get really clear on what you’d like your health to look like.
    • Hang out with friends that energize you
    • Get out of the office at a decent hour even if you still have a lot to do
    • Eat something raw with every meal
    • Undertake the journey to lasting weight loss with a friend
    • Drink smoothies instead of sodas
    • Get out in the sunshine and fresh air during the day
    • Eat Asian food
    • Walk or bike to work
    • Take as much vacation as you can guilt free
    • Play with children or at least the child within
    • Quit the gym if you hate it and find other ways of exercising
    • Focus on what you want - this creates an entirely different future
    • Drop friends that drain you
    • Upgrade your chocolate to dark and organic
    • Improve your communication skills to conserve energy
    • Use technology to automate as much of your life as possible (bill paying etc)
    • Ask for help or pay someone to help you with extra work/chores
    • Ask your friends what they appreciate about you
    • Ditch artificial sweeteners
    • Raise your voice – or lower it
    • Reflect upon and write a list of what you really desire in life and go for it
    • Eat whole grains and root vegetables daily
    • Cook some of your own food
    • Practice yoga ...
    • Read more.

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