How to cook chia seeds

With the most noteworthy consolidated plant wellspring of Omega 3 ALA (alpha linolenic-corrosive), fiber and protein, in addition to a solid measurement of iron, calcium and cancer prevention agents, chia seeds give basic supplements that are frequently absent in current eating regimens.

Local to Mexico, chia seeds are additionally developed financially in different parts of South America, South-western USA and Australia. Fortunately they are an adaptable, without gluten, plant-based fixing that can be effortlessly added to any supper.

Chia seeds

They come in dark or white, (they have the same dietary profile), however ought to never be darker. Sprinkle onto servings of mixed greens or smoothies, add to soups, breakfast grains and porridge or let it ‘gel’ into a solid pudding. Added to water, chia seeds can likewise supplant eggs in prepared merchandise.

Including only a tablespoon (15g) of chia seeds gives the every day admission of omega 3 ALA prescribed by Heart Foundations around the globe. Notwithstanding enhancing heart wellbeing, the supplements in chia can likewise help manage vitality, enhance assimilation, and energize sound skin, hair and nails. It is likewise a phenomenal exercise fuel, helping you to remain hydrated, expanding stamina and supporting in muscle repair.


Chia oil

A mellow tasting oil that can be added to plates of mixed greens, soups and smoothies for a sound increase in plant-based omega 3 ALA.

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